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Land Degradation Of Agricultural Land Use In Quarry Sites In Nigeria

Agricultural Land Use And Soil Degradation In A Part Of

Soil degradation as a physical constraint for land use planning with special reference to northern Nigeria. In Nutalaya, P. et al. eds., Soil, Geology and Landforms Impact on Land Use Planning in Developing Countries , Association of Geoscientists for International Development, A.8.1-A.8.11.

Land Degradation Meaning Causes And Prevention Of Land

Land degradation means 1. Loss of natural fertility of soil because of loss of nutrients. 2. Less vegetation cover. 3. Changes in the characteristic of soil. 4. Pollution of water resources from the contamination of soil through which water sweeps into ground or runoff to the water bodies.

The State Of Land Use In Northern Nigeria World Bank

olution land use map focusing on the 2015 agricultural landscapes in northern Nigeria. The map provides up-to-date information with a high level of spatial and thematic detail, resulting in a more precise characterization of agri-culture in the region. The map reveals that agriculture is the main land use in the region. Arable land represents on

Land Degradation And The Sustainability Of Agricultural

intensification approach that will minimize land degradation, improved crop yield and reduce food import in an environmentally sustainable manner. Key words Nigeria, land degradation, agricultural sustainability. INTRODUCTION Nigeria is blessed with a land mass of about 98 million hectares, out of which 83 million hectares are suitable for

Effects Of Land Degradation On Agricultural Activities In

Flooding occurs throughout Nigeria. Land degradation in the extreme form of gully erosion, can cause the loss of human life and other economic resources, roads and houses are destroyed. Land degradation in an agrarian economy can lead to unsustainable agriculture and development, thereby precipitating starvation and poverty.

Nigeria Final Report Of The Land Degradation Neutrality

Land degradation is a serious environmental problem across the ecological zones of Nigeria. Population increase, unemployment, unsustainable agricultural practices, mining and quarrying, infrastructure, transportation and energy are the drivers of the degradation.

Land Degradation In Northern Nigeria The Impacts And

agricultural activities. Land uses such as tree felling for fuel-wood and timber production, crop and pastoral land expansion and agricultural intensification have been suggested to be part of the causes of land degradation in Africa including Nigeria. The possible loss of natural vegetation cover due to changes in land use, influenced

Analysis Of Land Use Land Cover Changes In Gusau

18 years 2000-2018.Built-up land is the most advancing land use in Gusau Zamfara State, Nigeria. It was concluded that urbanization is reducing land availability for other uses and needs to be properly planned for environmental sustainability. Keywords Land, Land use, Land cover, Urbanization, Satellite imageries, Gusau, Zamfara State.

Analyzing Land Use And Change Detection In Eastern Nigeria

Aug 02, 2019 The pace and pattern of various forms of land use change and degradation continues at alarming proportion in several areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Given the emergent risks, recurrent subsidence and erosions rank as permanent features in some areas of the continent like Nigeria. This exacerbates natural constraints on agricultural production and poor soil quality with damage to

Economics Of Land Degradation And Improvement In Niger

Nov 12, 2015 The cost of land degradation due to LUCC is about 2007 US0.75 billion, which is 11 of the 2007 GDP of US6.773 billion and 1 of the 2001 value of ecosystem services ES in Niger. Every US dollar invested in taking action returns about 6a level that is quite attractive.

Economics Of Land Degradation In Subsaharan Africa

Nov 12, 2015 The cost of land degradation on grazing biomass is about US1.11 billion Table 9.12 , an amount that is equivalent to about 4 of the SSA agricultural expenditure of US20.729 billion in 2010 Benin and Yu 2012 .

Geospatial Analyses Of Mininginduced Land

Geospatial Analyses of Mining-Induced Land Degradation Sites in Jos South Local Government Area, Plateau State-Nigeria Keywords Geospatial Analyses, Land Degradation, Land Use Land Cover LULC, Mining Environment, Terrain SUMMARY The degraded areas within and around mining sites have raised some serious issues of great concern to the environment.

Mitigation Of Land Degradation For Agricultural Space

Keywords Agriculture, Agroforestry, Land degradation and Land use. INTRODUCTION For a long time, crop farming and animal husbandry has been the occupation of man around the globe and mostly including Nigeria. This has giving rise to competition for space due to increase in population of both man and animals. But issues around ownership,

Land And Environmental Degradation And Desertification In

In the drier parts of Africa, millions of hectares of grazing land and rangeland are also threatened with degradation- in the arid north, the semi-arid south, the Sudano-Sahelian countries and in the drier parts of Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. The 1983-85 and recent droughts killed huge numbers of livestock there, with the result that ...

Agriculture And Land Use Changes In West Africa

6. NIGERIA In 1975, agricultural land covered 184,754 km2 20 of Nigeria land area 923,768 km2. From 1975 to 2000, 130,000 km2 of new agricultural land were gained. In 2013, agricultural land covered 380,000 km2 40 of the total land area. Forest land

Effects Of Land Degradation On Agricultural

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of land degradation on agricultural land use, planning and management in Kalama Division, Machakos County and specifically determined farmers considerations of land suitability for selected types of agricultural land uses in varying cropping zones, investigated farmers local ...

The Effect Of Quarrying Activities On The Environment

Quarry A quarry is a type of open-pit mine from which rock material and sand are extracted. Quarry pit This is a surface excavation allocated to an operator within a quarry site for extracting building stone, construction aggregate, sand and gravel. Quarry site A cluster of quarry pits within a locality. Quarry Worker a person employed by a ...

Effects Of Open Cast Quarrying Technique On Vegetation

28 Land is one of the most critical resources for the rural poor dependent on farming for their livelihoods. Today, about 2 million hectares of agricultural lands are lost every year due to anthropogenic influences which affect the ecosystem and cause severe land degradation 10, 23. Open cast quarrying

Assessment Of Land Use Dynamics And The Status Of

issues such as loss of biodiversity, climate change and land use changedegradation. Land use reflects the dynamic processes between the earths biophysical characteristics and human activities Heistermann, et al., 2006. During the 20th century, land use dynamics emerged as a global phenomenon Ramankutty et al., 2005.

Land Degradation And Land Usecover Data Sources

Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands project LADA will provide more land degradation data in the future. In addition to these global and regional studies, there are several studies for individual countries e.g. for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Brazil, Colombia available. The joint programme of the Land Use and Land Cover Change ...

Critical Issues Of Sustainability Associated With Quarry

Quarrying is a form of land use method concerned with the extraction of non-fuel and non-metal minerals from rock. Quarries produce aggregates used for building and other civil constructions. Keeperman 2 defined quarry as an act of exploring and exploiting rocks from

5 Northern Nigeria Land Transformation Under Agricultural

Suggested Citation 5 Northern Nigeria Land Transformation Under Agricultural Intensification. National Research Council. 1993. Population and Land Use in Developing Countries Report of a Workshop.Washington, DC The National Academies Press. doi 10.172262211.

Assessment Of Soil Degradation In Zaria Area Kaduna State

Jul 15, 2020 Assessment of Soil Degradation in Zaria Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria ABSTRACT This study aimed at an assessment of soil degradation in the Zaria area. Land degradation was assessed through a time- series analysis of Landsat Thematic Mapper 1990, Enhanced Thematic Mapper, 1999 and NigeriaSat-1 2009 satellite imageries of the study area.

Agricultural Land Use Reduces Plant Biodiversity And

Mar 01, 2020 The increase in carbon density with decreasing level of land use pressures confirms that the conversion of forested stands to agricultural lands reduces tree density and biomass, resulting in land degradation and carbon emissions Gibbs et al., 2010 Houghton, 2014 Baccini et al., 2017 Houghton and Nassikas, 2017 Islam et al., 2017 Pellikka ...

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