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Coconut Shell As Fine Aggregate

Use Of Coconut Shell Ash As Aggregates

Abstract The effect of coconut shell and its ash has been investigated and the experiments have been done to utilize these waste materials with concrete as a partial replacement for coarse aggregate and cement. The coconut shell in the form of aggregate is a material which can be a substitute for coarse aggregate in concrete.

Coconut Shell As Partial Replacement Of Fine

2.5 Coconut shell as replacement of coarse aggregate 17 2.6 Coconut shell as replacement of fine aggregate 18 2.7 Compressive strength machine 23 2.8 Splitting tensile strength Machine 24 2.9 Three point loading ASTM C78 25

Application Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregate In

of coconut shell as coarse aggregate in concrete by determining its compressive strength and durability. c. To investigate the effect of the combination of coconut shell as coarse aggregate in concrete content and length to the workability as lightweight aggregate in concrete and also the mechanical properties mentioned above.

Use Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregate In Lightweight

Oct 05, 2020 Coconut shell aggregate exhibits low impact, crushing, and abrasion values of 1.3, 1.16 and 2.23 respectively compared with normal aggregate with 19.23, 25.60 and 27.67 respectively. Coconut shell, however, has high percentage of water absorption capacity, elongation index and flakiness index of 23.72, 26.69 and 86.12 respectively ...

Performance Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregate In

and 42 for concrete produced from coconut shell and palm kernel shell respectively 6,7. Siti Aminah Bt Tukiman and Sabarudin Bin Mohd 2009 replaced the coarse aggregate by coconut shell and grained palm kernel in their study. Percentage of replacement by coconut shell were 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 respectively.

A Comprehensive Study Of Waste Coconut Shell Aggregate As

Nov 11, 2020 Usage of coconut shell as coarse aggregate in concrete brings a drastic change in concrete technology because the rigidity and impact strength of coconut shell is high. Additionally, the practice of coconut shell in concrete as coarse aggregate not only reducing the problem of waste disposal but also reducing the concrete cost which makes it ...

Reinforced Concrete With Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregates

Aug 29, 2017 AIMS OF THE PROJECTA 1.To determine various alternatives available for coarse aggregate. 2.To carryout a detail analysis on coconut shells as a coarse aggregate in concrete. 3.To prepare a methodology for the project amp its analysis. 4.To enlist advantages amp short comes of coconut shell as a coarse aggregate material. 5.To ...

Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregates With Coconut Shell

Nov 24, 2020 The seven days compressive strength of concrete replaced with 0, 5 and 10 of coconut shell ash as fine aggregate along with PPC and PSC was found to be 23.70, 21.33, 18.22, 24.74, 23.70 and 22.22 Nmm 2, respectively. The 28 days compressive strength test of concrete replaced with 0, 5 and 10 coconut shell ash as fine aggregate along with PPC ...

Pdf Use Of Coconut Shell As An Aggregate In Concrete A

research regarding the use of green coconut tender coconut Shelke et al 2014 have reviewed coconut shell as partial shell and matured coconut husk as fine or coarse aggregates in replacement for coarse aggregate and they made the following concrete preparation should be done so as to utilize these vast inference that the increase in ...

Performance Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregate In

Jun 01, 2017 Using same mix design, coconut shell concrete was prepared by replacement of conventional crushed coarse aggregate CA with waste coconut shell CS. Coconut shell replaced conventional aggregate by 10, 20, 30 and 40 respectively by volume and the effect on compressive strength and density of concrete was observed.

Properties Of Concrete With Coconut Shells As

Normal aggregate, that is, crushed blue granite of maximum size 20 mm was used as coarse aggregate. Well graded river sand passing through 4.75 mm was used as fine aggregate. The specific gravities of coarse and fine aggregates were 2.65 and 2.63 respectively. Coconut shells which were already broken into two pieces were

Partial Replacement Of Coconut Shell As Coarse

the coconut shell is produced about 3.18 million tonnes 6. In this study the coarse aggregate is replaced by coconut shell in M15, M20, and M25 grades of concrete of 16, 18.5, and 20 each and compressive strength have been found out. From the results it have been concluded that coconut shell can be used as structural concrete and it leads

Waste Coconut Shell As A Partial Replacement Of Coarse

Research material are cement, natural fine aggregate , coarse aggregate, water and coconut shell. 4.2 Coconut Shell Coconut shell is obtained from temples etc. they were sun dried for minimum 1 month before using crushed manually. The particle size of the coconut shell range from 5mm to 20mm. Cement- Ordinary Portland cement of 53 grade

Review On Substitution Of Coconut Shell As

Coconut shell aggregates Courtesy by review paper parag . s SATISH SHINDE, RAMIZ SAYED,2016 In this paper authors mainly discussed about basic things needed to make human alive like meal, lodging and clothes . They replaced M20 grade concrete by coconut shell as a coarse cluster .

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Containing Waste Coconut Shell

Two different mixes are developed in this study, one with coconut shell as coarse aggregate CSF, and the other with coconut shell and conventional aggregate and as coarse aggregates CSP. The work investigates the benefits of polypropylene fibre addition at 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.0 by volume of concrete on the engineering properties of ...

Potential Of Coconut Shell Ash As Partial Replacement

Interpretation Fine aggregate sand was uniformly and well graded because C u and Cc lied within the accepted range in accordance to BS 1377 Part2 1990. Potential Of Coconut Shell Ash As Partial Replacement Of Ordinary Portland Cement In Concrete

Replacement Of Coarse And Fineaggregate By Coconut

In this project Fine aggregate is replaced by Quarry dust of 30 along with the partial replacement of coarse aggregate with coconut shell. The coarse aggregate is replaced with 10 , 20, 30 and 40 by coconut shell. The design Mix used for the project is M20 grade 11.53 with WC Ratio 0.5.The Conventional concrete and Coconut shell ...

Use Of Coconut Shell From Agriculture Waste

behaviors of reinforced beam with coconut shell are closely equivalent with using natural aggregates. 9 have studied the properties of concrete that using coconut shell as coarse aggregate and the result is the compressive strength is decrease as the percentage of coconut shell increase.

A Study On The Utilization Of Coconut Shell As Coarse

modified with coconut shell aggregate. In order to test the above properties and compare with that of concrete without any coconut shell aggregate, a control concrete mix was designed as per IS 10262 2009 8 for concrete of grade of M20. Based on the mix design, a mix ratio of 1 1.63 3.13 with water to cement ratio of 0.5 was adopted.

Sustainable Management Of Waste Coconut Shells As

coconut shells and fibers as an aggregate. Analyze the performance and the effectiveness of the coconut shells and fibers as aggregates in concrete hollow blocks in terms of physical properties like color, texture, size, and density and by mechanical properties like compressive strength, modulus

Over View Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggreagate

Feb 21, 2017 Potable water was used for mixing and curing Cement Ordinary Portland cement 53 grade was used Fine Aggregate Naturally available fine aggregate from River Coarse Aggregate Crushed granite was used as coarse aggregate of size 20mm and 10mm both. Coconut Shell In this work coconut shell was used as partial replacement of coarse aggregate .

Exploratory Study Of Coconut Shell As Coarse

crushing value ACV for coarse aggregate is 21.84 and 4.71 for coconut shell. Elongation and flakiness index are 58.54 and 15.69 respectively for gravels, while for coconut shell is 50.56 and 99.19 respectively. Compressive strength in Nmm2 of coconut shell at 7,14,21 and 28 days with mix ratios of 124, 11123, and 136 are 8.6,

Experiments On Partial Replacement Of Coconut Shell As

coarse aggregate in solving part of natural aggregate. The various waste materials are used such as coconut shell, cockle shell, periwinkle shell, foundry sand etc. so here in my project I will use coconut shell waste as replacement of coarse aggregate by different percentage for

Comparative Study On Coconut Shell Aggregate With

mix design IS 10262-1982. Coconut shell concrete is produced by adding coconut shells in different percentage i.e. 25 and 50 replacement in concrete. Test on ingredients materials The ingredients of concrete i.e. cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, coconut shells

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